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# 3 colums, Right sidebar
# Magazine Blogger Templates
# Fixed width, 2 sidebar.
# Blue color, Black background.
# two top navigation bar, Search box ready


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  • Fantastic Blogger Templates
  • Right sidebar, 1 sidebar
  • Blue color, White background.
  • Fixed width, 2 colums.
  • This template for Adsense, Magazine , blogs
  • It’s amazing template with top menu links, RSS Button, Search box..

This free Blogger template can be a 3-6 or template columns. If you are a three-column template, simply do not want to fill lowerbar widgets and colors with post-column mixing.

The right side is 300 pixels wide, ideal for placing a large box Adsense square, large pictures or if you would like to test blog below.

# 2 colums, 1 sidebar
# Fantastic Blogger Templates
# Red color, Fixed width
# White background, Right sidebar.
# best header, best menu links, Right sidebar

layout 3 columns 2 sidebars,Menus table.
general white background.
adsense blogger templates.

  • 4 Columns Blogger Templates
  • Fixed width, 3 sidebar.
  • Right, Left sidebar, Black background.
  • 4 colums, Black & White color,
  • Good template with 4 columns, Two navigation bar, search box

  • 3 column, 2 sidebar
  • Black &White color, Dark background.
  • Fixed width, Right sidebar.
  • Black And White Blogger Templates
  • nice template with nice menu links, RSS icons, 3 footer Column.

  • 3 column, Right, Left sidebar
  • Adsense Blogger Templates
  • Fixed width, 1 sidebar.
  • White color, White background.
  • Cool template with two navigation menu at top, Search box, RSS & Twitter icons.

  • 3 column, Right, Left sidebar
  • Fixed width, 2 sidebar.
  • Free Premium Blogger Templates
  • Blue color, Blue background.

Techie Blogger

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Techie bloggers is another simple and clean design templates Blogger template luxury. It has three columns, two bands right column. The color black and white.

3columns, 2 left and right sidebars.
3 additional footer sidebars.

# Adsense Blogger Templates
# 3 colums, Right sidebar.
# Red color, 2 sidebar
# Fixed width, White background.

Blue Zinfandel is a column of 2 or 3 model was originally designed by Brian Gardner WordPress and Blogger to make WpBloggerthemes.

3Grey original WordPress theme designed by skinpress and bloggerized the wpbloggerthemes. 3Grey is clean Blogger template with three columns two columns to the right sidebar, includes space for banner advertising skyscraper. Navigation is available in dark blue with lighter blue gradient.

This is a blog, just seems easy and good to the Blogger template. This is called gradient Smart Blogger template. This template color, if they really coincide with AdSense ads. gradient Net Smart Blogger template with four fields with two field right sidebar womb room for banner ads and the field at the left sidebar.  

3 columns template right and left 2 sidebars.
fixed width, green sidebar.
free business blogger layout.

BlueSense Theme

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High quality adsense theme designed doshdosh have been converted into a Blogger Blue Sense model colors are perfectly blended AdSense units, as well as sites and individual pages in the publication of CTR.